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Blue Sky Miners : Half Black Moon

Blue Sky Miners had the pleasure of filming this live session with Southern Souls in the heart of the most mild of Toronto winters. We were lucky enough to have Todor Kobakov, Michelle Faerhmann, Jeri Gogo and Rachael Cardiello sitting in. Check it out!



Blue Sky Miners Western Tour

I recently had the priviledge of spending two and half weeks in Western Canada on tour with Blue Sky Miners!! We swam in the ocean daily, played 17 gigs in 16 days, pushed our bodies to their limits, and did our best to love eachother unconditionally (which was probably the hardest part?). Luckily the tour ended in Calgary and I got to gorge on my mothers cooking and recoup for a couple days in my childhood bed. Here’s a little taste of the vibe!




Shart's Crib