Upcoming Gigs

  • September 11th @ Tranzac Club w/ Icterus
  • September 10th w/ Chinese Medicine
  • September 9th @ Tranzac Club w/ Triio (Album Release)
  • August 26th @ The Emmet Ray w/ Patrick O’Reilly, Kayla Milmine and Kaelin Murphy
  • July 14th @ Monarch Tavern w/ Fortunato Durutti Marinetti 

Recent Gigs

  • July 2nd @ Toronto’s International Jazz Festival w/ Naomi McCarroll-Butler
  • May 28th @ Tranzac Club w/ Parade
  • May 21st @ The Aviary (Edmonton) w/ Parade
  • May 20th @ Asylum For Art (Calgary) w/ Parade
  • May 18th @ 101 Brewhouse (Gibsons) w/ Parade
  • May 17th @ General Strike (Vancouver) w/ Parade
  • March 26th @ Tranzac Club w/ Fortunato Durutti Marinetti 


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