Everyone can enjoy and benefit from learning to play the drums. One of the great pleasures of music is sharing it with others, and I’m dedicated to providing high-quality drum and percussion lessons to students of all ages in the Greater Toronto Area.

Each student has a different musical goal, be it an entrance audition, stress relief, or just being able to play better in a band, and I strive to adjust my teaching methods to the learning style of every individual. I push my students to develop the skills necessary to play and learn music both by ear as well as from written music, and the focus is always placed on learning from the study of music of the students choice.

Since 2012 I have been giving private drum/percussion lessons to students enrolled in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School in Caledon, Ontario. Lessons are conveniently taught in the school and are scheduled around each student’s class time and availability. If you are a prospective Mayfield Secondary student please get in touch with me to learn more about audition requirements and repertoire!

Contact: 647-878-3396, stefanalbs@gmail.com



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